‘I TOLD YOUR DUMBASS I’D KILL YOU!’ Moment Off-Duty Chicago Cop Fatally Shoots Man Who Attacked Her


In a video released on Thursday, an off-duty police officer from Chicago is seen shouting “I’ll kill you” before shooting and killing a man who had grabbed for her gun during a struggle in Washington Heights on the South Side last month.

The incident occurred after the officer attempted to intervene and calm a conflict between a group of people that included the victim, Leevon Smith.

The footage shows Smith engaging in conversation with the officer before allegedly attempting to reach for her firearm, resulting in a struggle during which the officer fired three shots, fatally injuring Smith.

The officer is heard yelling at Smith and demanding someone call the police, but she is not seen providing any medical assistance.

According to an arrest report, the officer claimed that Smith had attempted to disarm her during the struggle, leading her to open fire in self-defense.

Smith was taken into custody and later died at a medical center, while the officer received treatment for a laceration above her right eye.

The officer’s identity has not been made public due to the lack of formal accusations of wrongdoing against her.

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