“IT’S UNCONSCIONABLE.” Pres. Biden Issues Scathing Statement After GOP Blocks Dems’ ‘Voting Rights’ Bill


President Joe Biden Wednesday released the following statement as Senate Republicans blocked the Democrats’ ‘voting rights reform’ bill for a second time:

The United States Senate needs to act to protect the sacred constitutional right to vote, which is under unrelenting assault by proponents of the Big Lie and Republican Governors, Secretaries of State, Attorneys-General, and state legislatures across the nation.

It is urgent. Democracy – the very soul of America – is at stake.

Today, Senate Democrats would like to start debate on the Freedom to Vote Act. Senate Democrats have worked hard to ensure this bill includes traditionally bipartisan provisions. But Senate Republicans are likely to block even debate on the bill, as they have before on previous voting rights bills. It’s unconscionable.

The right to vote – to vote freely, to vote fairly, and to have your vote counted – is fundamental. It should be simple and straightforward. Let there be a debate and let there be a vote.

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