Journalists Storm San Bernardino Shooters Home After Landlord Opens Door


WATCH: (Scroll Down For Video) Media from across the world entered the apartment where Tashfeenand Malik and Syed Farook resided after the landlord opened a plywood blockage that was over the door.

News organizations, including MSNBC and CNN, broadcast live scenes as reporters toting cameras and microphones pushed through the open door and reported from inside the apartment.

One MSNBC reporter was seen examining items left on the suspects’ desk, at one point picking up a child-rearing book. C

NN journalists described seeing licenses, social security cards and shredded documents inside the residence.

One took photos of the couple’s six-month-old baby’s crib. Another opened the refrigerator and peered inside.

It appeared that members of the public were inside the apartment as well.

One man lingered holding a large soda. A child was seen wandering throughout the home.

A spokesperson for the FBI in Los Angeles commented that “My understanding is it is still an ongoing investigation.”

The scenes brought a wave of criticism from reporters and media watchers on Twitter, who questioned if the media’s presence inside the building would tamper the crime scene.


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