Man Found With Victims Tied Up in Milwaukee Apartment Claims He’s Killed Women in Multiple States: Cops

WISN 12 News

Milwaukee, WIS. – On October 10, Lawrence McFarland was officially booked into the Milwaukee County Jail on charges of sexual assault and false imprisonment — then he made a stunning confession.

The sequence of events began on October 9 when a man left an apartment in the vicinity of Port Washington and Abert. He called 911 and sought the attention of an officer. Upon entering the apartment, authorities discovered two men and two women, one of whom was 35-year-old Jasmine Smith, and McFarland. According to court filings, McFarland and Smith had tied up a man and a woman, subjected them to physical assault, and forced the woman to engage in sexual acts with McFarland, local media reported.

The surprising turn came when McFarland, during questioning, reportedly confessed to having killed multiple women across different cities, including vague references to murders in Milwaukee, Madison, Chicago, and Detroit. However, he refused to provide specific details about the alleged crimes.

While investigators are looking into McFarland’s claims, Milwaukee police have stated that, “at this time, there is no information that would substantiate his claims.” Currently in jail, McFarland awaits legal proceedings, and there is an outstanding warrant for the arrest of Jasmine Smith.

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