Man Sentenced to 60 Years for Home Invasion Turned Kidnapping

Photo Source: FBI

Southwest Baltimore — Brandon Burton was found guilty on 25 counts for kidnapping and other handgun and burglary-related offenses for a home invasion which took place in October of 2017. Burton, a violent repeat offender, is prohibited from possessing a firearm stemming from a manslaughter conviction in 2007. On February 7, 2019, the defendant was sentenced to 60 years suspend all but 45 years with the first 15 years without the possibility of parole and a five year probation.

On October 28, 2017, at 11:37 pm, Baltimore City Police responded to the 4300 block of Rokeby Rd for a home invasion and kidnapping. Upon arrival, an officer spoke with one of the victims, who told police that her husband had been abducted by four unidentified men armed with guns.

The female victim reported that armed men approached her family outside their home and forced them into their home at gunpoint. One suspect yelled at her husband, inquiring about the whereabouts of her husband’s brother. The gunman then tied up the female victim, her husband and the couple’s daughter inside their home.

The male victim was then taken upstairs by Brandon Burton and the other gunman to retrieve items from the family’s safe. Once items were retrieved, the male victim was then forcefully taken out of the home and driven to an unknown location. When the assailant made a stop and stepped away from the vehicle to make a call, the victim was able to use a hidden flip phone that was still on his person to call for help. Police were able to locate the victim based on descriptions of his surroundings. The assailant fled once he heard the police arriving.

After being rescued by Baltimore City police officers, the male victim was able to immediately identify Brandon Burton as one of his assailants. The victim said that he knew Mr. Burton from previous interactions. The victim further indicated that Mr. Button was the person who held a gun to his head, threatened his life and appeared to be the ringleader during the entire assault.

During the investigation, the State requested the vehicle registration for the vehicle used in the kidnapping, and it was confirmed to be a rental registered to Burton at the time of the incident. Additionally, analyses of latent prints from a chip bag inside of the car were confirmed to belong to the defendant.

“This was a tragedy no family should ever have to experience,” said State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby. “I am thankful this victim had the courage to come forward and identify his kidnapper and because of that courage, his family received the justice it rightfully deserves.”