NTSB investigators examine the self-driving Uber vehicle involved in fatal pedestrian accident


WASHINGTON — The NTSB has deployed a team to Tempe, Arizona, to investigate the fatal collision of an Uber vehicle and a pedestrian that occurred on Sunday.

The Uber vehicle was part of the company’s self-driving fleet of vehicles. The victim, identified as 49-year-old Elaine Herzberg, was walking her bicycle across the street outside of a crosswalk when she was struck, police said.

Ms Herzberg was hit by the car when she was walking her bike across the road.

The vehicle was in “autonomous mode at the time of the collision, with a vehicle operator behind the wheel,” Tempe police said.

Photo Source: New York Times

The NTSB investigation will address the vehicle’s interaction with the environment, other vehicles and vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and bicyclists.

The team will consist of Investigator-in-Charge Jennifer Morrison and three investigators who will examine vehicle factors, human performance and electronic recorders.

Uber said in a brief statement, “Our hearts go out to the victim’s family. We are fully cooperating with [law enforcement] in their investigation of this incident.”