Ohio Radioshack store closes, goes rogue on Facebook

Photo Source: Business Insider

A Facebook page for a closed down RadioShack in Ohio has become a sensation after going rogue and insulting their ex-customers.

The company announced in March that its Reynoldsburg, Ohio store would be one of the 552 stores to close down.

Strange statuses started to be published on a Facebook page associated with the closed store.

‘We closed. F*** all of you,’ someone posted on the RadioShack Facebook page early Tuesday morning.

By Wednesday morning, the status had been liked more than 15,000 times and shared over 11,000 times.

Another post from Tuesday reads, ‘Always hated all you p**** customers anyway’.

In response to someone who inquired if the location would be open tomorrow, the account responded: ‘Yes, but you should Just shop amazon like all our other customers.’

Whoever is operating the page updated the cover photo to an image of a neon RadioShack sign with several letters darkened, leaving ‘adioS’ as the only letters illuminated.