SHOCK VIDEO: Knife-Wielding California Man Shot Dead After Breaking Window, Chasing Principal At Church School


Mariposa, California — On November 30, 2022, shortly after 9:00 a.m., 24-year-old Joshua Antelope was seen by school staff outside of the First Baptist Church/School carrying a knife. Antelope broke a window in a room where Church/School staff were present. Antelope was confronted by the principal and Antelope tried to chase him. The Principal was able to get back into the school, lock the doors with the help of school staff and placed the school on lockdown.

At 9:15 a.m. – The 911 call was made by the Principal.

9:18:09 a.m.- Deputy Maya and Deputy Atkinson arrived on scene and contacted Antelope. Deputy Maya and Deputy Atkinson both give several commands to Antelope to drop the knife. Antelope does not drop the knife and continues to advance towards Deputy Maya. Deputy Maya shoots Antelope twice in the chest/torso area.

9:18:29 a.m. – Deputy Maya reported shots fired over the radio.

Immediately following the shooting, Deputies rendered medical aid and began lifesaving measures. Antelope later succumbed to his injuries. Antelope had been carrying a 12 inch-long butcher knife, according to the department. All deputies involved in the shooting were immediately placed on administrative leave pending an investigation, which is standard procedure.

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