‘Sorry. I’m not dealing with this right now’: Woman Shot After Calling 911, Claiming Her Dog Was Stolen, and Then Speeding Towards Cops


SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Authorities have recently released body camera footage capturing an incident in Rancho Cordova where deputies shot and injured a woman suspected of breaking into a home back in November.

The chain of events commenced when the suspect reported to the Rancho Cordova Police Department on November 20, stating that her dog was missing. Following the report, the sheriff’s communications team contacted her, and she claimed to have found her dogs in a backyard before abruptly ending the call.

Subsequently, a different person reported to deputies that the suspect, identified later as 24-year-old Kyrieanna Liles, was armed with a butcher knife and attempting to break into a home on Augibi Way. After a second call to Liles, she mentioned finding her dogs and being in her room before hanging up once again.

Three officers responded to the scene and eventually located Liles seated in a parked car on Malaga Way. Efforts to communicate with Liles and persuade her to exit her vehicle proved challenging. Liles reversed her car before shifting into drive, heading towards an officer on the front lawn of a residence, as revealed in the video footage.

The officer was able to evade the oncoming vehicle, and in response, ten shots were fired at Liles’ vehicle. The officers involved clarified that the officer targeted by the suspect fired seven shots, while his partner discharged three.

No officers sustained injuries during the incident. Liles accelerated down the street, initiating a pursuit by law enforcement. Subsequently detained, she was transported to the hospital due to a gunshot wound to the arm.

Following her release from the hospital, Liles was booked into jail. A search of her residence uncovered two large kitchen knives matching the description of the weapon reported in the attempted break-in.

The deputy responsible for firing seven rounds has been a part of the sheriff’s office since 2017, while the other officer joined in 2021. Although assigned to the Rancho Cordova Police Department, both officers are deputies within the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office. Liles faces charges of assaulting an officer in connection with the incident.

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