WATCH: South African University Buildings Are Burned Down By Students Protesting


WATCH: (Scroll Down For Video) Students have burned down builds at a South African university after students protested against being groped by teachers.

This comes as more violent protests erupt across South Africa, many of them are calling for more student housing and lower tuition fees.

Security firms and police attempted to disperse the crowds with tear gas as students returned with petrol bombs.

Three of the most popular universities have been forced to close due to the violence.

A spokesperson said: ‘I am as shocked as you are about the senseless violence and destruction of property that took place at our Mafikeng Campus yesterday,’

‘Though the incident was related to the inauguration of the newly appointed Campus Student Representative Council (CSRC), we must realise that this was not an isolated incident.

‘At many other universities protests have become violent and have escalated. Therefore the situation also needs to be addressed at national level.’

‘The burning of university buildings at a time when we are prioritizing the education of our youth is inexplicable and can never be condoned.’

The violence at the university started after some students disrupted the inauguration of a new student council.