Teen Killed In Parking Lot of Nashville High School


NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Hermitage Precinct detectives now reveal that a 9 p.m. Sunday night meeting between the occupants of two vehicles in a McGavock High School parking lot led to the fatal wounding of Brandon J. Adams, 18, of S. New Hope Road.

Brandon J. Adams, 18 / MNPD

Police say Adams and a relative rode to the school in a Honda Civic to meet other individuals. Adams and his relative arrived first. The other vehicle pulled beside theirs. An occupant of the other vehicle got into the backseat of the Honda Adams was driving. A second occupant of the other vehicle got out and threatened Adams and his relative with a pistol. As Adams sped off, the gunman began shooting. Adams was hit several times and crashed near McGavock Pike. Adams was transported to Skyline Medical Center where he died. His relative was treated for a graze wound. The Honda Adams and his relative were in has been impounded and is being forensically processed.

The person in the backseat is believed to have fled from the car just prior to or after the crash. The suspects are described as two young black men who wore hoodies and sweatpants.

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