“Trump will handle it.” Florida Man Who Threatened Iraqi-American Family Faces Federal Charges


Tampa, Florida – David Allen Boileau (58, Holiday) has been arrested on a federal criminal complaint charging him with criminal interference with a right to fair housing and obstruction of justice though witness tampering. If convicted, Boileau faces a maximum penalty of 1 year in prison for the criminal civil rights violation and up to 20 years’ imprisonment for witness tampering.

According to the complaint, over the course of several months, Boileau engaged in a course of conduct intended to threaten and intimidate an Iraqi-American family so that they would move out of their neighborhood and, more broadly, leave the United States. The family, now naturalized United States citizens, had immigrated to the United States from Iraq in 2015, through a refugee visa.

According to court documents, Boileau threw screws at a car parked on the family’s property, broke into their house, and went through the family’s mail. Boileau also made several bigoted statements regarding the family’s national origin and religion, referring to them as “ISIS” and an “eyesore to this country,” further adding that he disliked people of Middle Eastern descent. Witnesses reported that on one occasion, Boileau yelled at the family to get out of his neighborhood and country. Boileau said that his goal was to “take care of that family” and to “clean up America.”

Boileau told a deputy that if he couldn’t get rid of his neighbors, that “Trump will handle it.”

Boileau also threatened to physically harm witnesses who reported his conduct to local law enforcement authorities.

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