‘We Have To Do It The Hard Way’: Trump On Shutdown

(Jim Lo Scalzo/Pool Image via AP)

WASHINGTON – U.S. President Donald Trump continued his defence of the partial United States government shutdown on Saturday, saying that due to Congress’ failure to fund a border wall, “we have to do it the hard way, with a shutdown.”

Trump tweeted: “For those that naively ask why didn’t the Republicans get approval to build the Wall over the last year, it is because IN THE SENATE WE NEED 10 DEMOCRAT VOTES, and they will gives us ‘NONE’ for Border Security!”

It is another switch from the president, who just a three hours previous appear to blame the Democrats for the shutdown, which is leaving some 800,000 federal employees without pay until a spending bill can be passed and approved.

Trump has flipped back and forth between owning the shutdown as a tool to get the border wall funding, which was ultimately halted by the Senate, and blaming Democratic Party.

He previously told Democrat leaders Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi that he would “own” the shutdown.

The U.S. House of Representatives will have a Democrat majority in January, and lawmakers elected in the midterms plan to end the shutdown at that time.

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