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Florida lobster that was spared dinner plate dies while being transferred to aquarium

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    Six Michigan employees charged with misconduct in Flint water crisis


    U.S. Marine pilot killed in F/A-18C crash in Mojave Desert

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    2 Police Officers Shot, 1 Fatally, In San Diego


    Florida Governor Says Local Mosquitoes Have Transmitted Zika Virus

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  • Clinton and Trump will soon receive national security briefings

    Earliest Human Cancer Found in 1.7-Million-Year-Old Bone

    Woman Caught with $160K in Crystal Meth by CBP Officers at LAX

    First anthrax outbreak since 1941 – And a thawed-out reindeer corpse may be to blame

    Man Arrested After Hurling Batarang at Cop Car

    Maasai Tribe Unimpressed By Porn

    NYC Bank Burglars Stole $5 Million in Cash, Diamonds in Hollywood-Style Heists

    Ex-NFL player plans on using concussion settlement money to repay groups he stole from

    Hero Cops Save 3-Year-Old Boy

    Inmates Take Over Portion of Cook County Jail In Chicago; Hostage Rescued

    Report: Wisconsin police officer had sex on the job 98 times