2 Brothers Arrested In NYC Terror Plot


NEW YORK — Two New York City brothers are facing terrorism charges after local and federal authorities found bomb-making materials inside their Bronx apartment.

The suspects have been identified as former school teacher Christian Toro and his brother, Thomas Toro.

Officials are expected to hold a press conference later Thursday evening.

WNBC reported: A search warrant was executed at Christian Toro’s apartment Thursday, and law enforcement found in his bedroom 20 pounds of iron oxide and five pounds of aluminum powder, which form thermite when combined; five pounds of potassium nitrate; two pounds of confectioner’s sugar, which can be used as fuel for making explosive devices; a glass jar of a black explosive powder, which can explode when properly confined and lit with a fuse; a cardboard box of firecrackers; a plastic container of apparent thermite; a small container of potassium nitrate; and a bag of metal spheres, which can be used as fragmentation and released as projectiles.

Officials say there is no current active threat to the city.

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