Bronx Car Stop Nets Illegal Guns and Drugs


Police Officers Flynn and Liberti were on patrol within the 43 Precinct in the Bronx when they noticed a man driving while speaking on his cell phone. With the safety of drivers and pedestrians in mind, the officers conducted a car stop. While the officers were focused on enforcing lifesaving Vision Zero policies, they remain dedicated to preventing all crimes in the area.

“We were working to enhance the safety of city residents through the Vision Zero initiative,” said Officer Flynn. “While doing that, we have to remain vigilant for other threats to the good people of the Bronx. We did that with this arrest and I would like to think we saved a life with our actions.”

By speaking with the driver and investigating further, the officers discovered that he was driving with a suspended New York license. Additionally, the officers noticed a strong smell of marijuana emanating from the vehicle. At this point, the occupant was asked to exit the vehicle and the officers inspected the car. The subsequent investigation led to the recovery of packaged marijuana and a loaded firearm. Further investigative work by the arresting officers led to the recovery of an AR-15 at the perpetrator’s house.

The following contraband was recovered:

DPMS AR-15 semi-automatic assault rifle, 91 rounds
Hi-Point .45 semi-automatic hand gun, 104 rounds
Multiple individual jars of marijuana

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