DAESH: The White House Adopts New Name For ISIS… ISIL, IS, Islamic State…

Malaysian authorities have detained Kosovo citizen Ardit Ferizi in Malaysia on a U.S. provisional arrest warrant alleging that he provided material support to the Islamic State

NEW YORK, New York — Here at Breaking911.com, we call them Terrorist monsters. President Obama has addressed them as ‘ISIL.’

But today, U.S. government officials started referring to ISIS as ‘Daesh’, a term supposedly offensive to the savage Islamic Terrorist goons.

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said he “absolutely refuses” to use the term the group claims for itself since he believes the militants have distorted religion and governance.

World leaders and the media have been using different references to the group beginning with Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant or ISIL, then Islamic State of Iraq and Syria or ISIS and now simply as Islamic State.

In Arabic, the group’s name is Al Dawla al-Islamiya and literally translated as “Islamic State.”

The militant group’s name is based more on a religious concept than a political one. The Arabic name relates more to Islam’s ideal of a universal Islamic community that is united in faith and bound by sharia or religious doctrine.

Experts said the English language has difficulty capturing the true meaning of name.

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