Florida Man Accused Of Kicking Chicken Like A Football


A 43-year-old Marathon, Florida man was arrested Monday for kicking a chicken.

Nicholas Kevin Chew was charged with animal cruelty.

Sgt. Joel Slough was called to the 200 the block of 91st Street at 11 a.m. on March 22 regarding domestic argument. He arrived to find the argument was between Chew and his girlfriend. The girlfriend said she was mad that Chew kicked a chicken and possibly broke its leg. Chew admitted to kicking the chicken out of the way, further admitting his annoyance by the noise the birds cause. A separate witness stated he saw Chew kick the chicken in the way a football player would kick a field goal.

Sgt. Slough found the aggrieved Rhode Island Red chicken nearby standing on one leg. The chicken appeared to be in respiratory distress. Animal Control took custody of the chicken an eventually it was taken to Marathon Veterinary Hospital where it was later learned to the chicken suffered four broken ribs. The chicken then made its way to the Florida Keys Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals where the owner of the chicken called attempting to locate their pet. The owner stated the chicken was named “Huhn,” and that they wished to press charges.

The chicken was reunited with its owner.

A warrant was filed for Chew’s arrest.

Chew was arrested in 2018 for allegedly threatening to blow up a gay woman’s house after she refused his sexual advances.

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