Florida student, 12, charged with making shooting threat


VOLUSIA COUNTY, FLA. — A 12-year-old male student was arrested late Friday after a teacher and several students told a School Resource Deputy that the student had made threats while in class earlier Friday.

The student stated he was starting a gang and was going to shoot someone, according to witness statements. He also reportedly said he knew where drugs were located. Based on numerous witness statements from other students interviewed, the boy was charged with threatening to discharge a destructive device, a felony. The child was transported to the Department of Juvenile Justice.

This student is the 23rd charged by the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office for making a school threat involving weapons since the Feb. 14 shootings in Parkland, Fla. Since then, school officials and Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood have stated they have zero tolerance for anyone making false reports or threats at school or on social media. Law enforcement officers will investigate every suspicious incident to keep everyone at school safe, however.

Sheriff Chitwood has also said families of students charged with making school threats will be responsible for paying the cost of investigating the threats, which could be more than $1,000 per case.