Israeli Missiles Fall on Damascus; Syrian Forces Retaliate


JERUSALEM – The Israeli Defence Forces on Sunday confirmed that its missiles are “currently targeting Iranian Quds in Syrian territory” just before midnight local time as reports from the Syrian News Agency confirms massive explosions in capital Damascus.

“We warn the Syrian Armed Forces against attempting to harm Israeli forces or territory,” the statement released by the IDF said. It marks the first time Israel has confirmed they are striking Iranian targets in Syria and that it is happening in real time.

There have been unconfirmed reports since that Syrian forces are engaging with their weaponry by the Golan Heights — a region that separates Israel and Syria.

The Syrian Army started launching dozens of surface-to-air projectiles at Israeli warplanes striking near Damascus, triggering air defence systems in northern Israeli, according to local Channel 13 reporters.

Video of the strikes have been widely shared and verified by some analysts.

A missile was launched towards Israel from Syria earlier on Sunday but was intercepted by the Israeli Iron Dome, a missile defence system. Analysts believe the strike was directed by Iranian forces in Syria, who have experienced multiple air attacks by Israel.

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