VIDEO: Doctors Remove Woman’s Foot and Reattach it Backwards


A woman who had her foot removed after being diagnosed with cancer, had it reattached backwards, doctors in the United Kingdom said.

22-year-old Jordon Moody lost part of her thigh to cancer, but surgeons have reattached her foot to her knee so that she can wear a prosthesis without pain.

Doctors told the woman of Hull, East Yorkshire, that the procedure will allow her foot to mimic the knee joint.

Moody underwent the rotation surgery after being diagnosed with bone cancer for a second time. The first time, the cancer was found in her thigh, while she was studying Performing Arts in New York.

She had the tumor removed and underwent chemotherapy. After treatment, Moody returned home to the United Kingdom, to be with her family.

Last year, during a visit to her grandmother in Germany, Moody was hospitalized after experiencing extreme pain. Doctors confirmed that the cancer had returned to her leg and ordered the amputation.

The doctors told Moody that she could either have her left leg amputated completely or undergo rotation surgery.

The surgery was performed at the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital in Birmingham, and she now waiting to be fitted with a new artificial limb.

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