Driverless Tractor-Trailer Plows Into a Home In Nashville, Killing a Man Who Was Sitting on His Porch


NASHVILLE, TENN. — The investigation is continuing into why a driverless tractor-trailer Thursday at 4:15 p.m. rolled from Jarrett Construction, 833 Cherokee Avenue, and struck a home across the street, killing a man who was sitting on his front porch.

The victim is identified as David Davis, 46. His wife and two grandchildren were inside and were not injured. She said that her husband was on the phone prior to the crash.

Employees reported that they were loading a large paver onto the tractor-trailer when the tractor-trailer began rolling toward the house.

The investigation is being conducted by East Precinct Investigations with assistance from the Tennessee Highway Patrol. The THP is assisting to determine whether there were any mechanical failures.

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