JUST IN: Louisville Shooter Connor Sturgeon’s Possible Motive Revealed In Notes Found At His Home, In His Pocket

From left, top: James Tutt, Juliana Farmer, and Deana Eckert. From left, bottom: Tommy Elliott, and Joshua Barrick. (via Facebook; via LinkedIn)

According to reports, Connor Sturgeon, the Louisville bank shooter, left behind two notes – one at his home and one on his body.

In the notes, Sturgeon apparently wanted to demonstrate how easy it was for a mentally ill person to obtain an “assault rifle.”

The 25-year-old’s 13-page manifesto outlined three reasons for his violent rampage which killed five of his colleagues, the Daily Mail reported; How easy it is to buy a rifle, mental health crisis in America, and he wanted to die by suicide-by-cop.


The manifesto is reportedly in the hands of the Louisville Police Department, although they have not confirmed or denied any details of it.

Sturgeon legally purchased his AR-15 rifle from a local gun dealership just six days before the shooting.

Sturgeon’s family has spoken out about his “mental health challenges” but did not disclose any specific illnesses.

Sturgeon had livestreamed his attack on an Instagram before he was shot dead by police.

Reports have revealed that Sturgeon suffered numerous sports-related concussions, leading specialists to test his brain for chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), a condition that causes brain deterioration due to repeated head trauma.

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The shooter’s motives and background are still being investigated, police said.

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